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Ibotta Savings on Chicken, Salmon + More (and a FREEBIE)

Ok, so if you follow me on Instagram, then you might have seen my Instastories about my major day of winning at the grocery store!  Basically, I got out of Aldi for under $40….then I headed to HEB where I got some awesome deals thanks to my Ibotta and Checkout 51 apps.  If you’re unfamiliar with Ibotta or Checkout 51, ready this post for a quick overview.  If you’re interested, here’s a quick rundown of some savings:

Tyson Chicken Nuggets + Tyson Grilled and Ready Chicken Breast Strips (+ FREE Totinos Pizza Rolls)

I buy these Tyson chicken nuggets for my son, so I’m always pumped when I see an Ibotta offer for something that’s already on my list.  These are $4.97 at HEB….but, let’s just say $5 for easier math.  Ibotta has a rebate of $1.00 off these chicken nuggets, making them only $4.

Ibotta also has a rebate for Tyson Chicken Strips….including Tyson Naturals, Tyson Grilled and Ready or the Crispy Chicken Strips.  I opted for the Grilled and Ready strips (because as I said on IG, I was feeling lazy this week and didn’t feel like grilling my own chicken for my lunch salads).  These are $7 at HEB ($6.98), and Ibotta has a rebate on these bad boys for $1.50, making these only $5.50.

Plus….if you use two Tyson rebates on Ibotta, they give you an extra .50 cent rebate.  So the nuggets and chicken strips would normally be almost $12 for both, but after your Ibotta rebates you can get them both for $9.

However, the REAL win was when I saw one of those lovely yellow coupons hanging on the freezer section at HEB that said if you buy any Tyson chicken strips product (ummmm, which I just did!), you get a bag of Totinos pizza rolls fo freeeeeee.  And I’m talking like the big 20 oz bag.  Hello tailgating snacks!

Now the Ibotta rebates on the Tyson products should be available for awhile….but I’m pretty sure the HEB coupon for the free Totinos pizza rolls ends on Wednesday.


Kidfresh Meals

I don’t buy these too often, but when Ibotta puts out a rebate on Kidfresh, I scoop them up.  These include all natural ingredients, and there are hidden veggies in each serving…yes, please!  Plus, they’re handy to have when you’re aimlessly roaming through the fridge trying to find something to feed your kid.

These are $2.72 a piece at HEB, but Ibotta has a $1.00 rebate when you buy 2, and Checkout 51 also has $1.00 rebate when you buy two!  Double win!  After the rebate, that put these at $1.72 a piece.  Each box is only 1 serving, but it usually lasts Lincoln 2 meals.




I also got a .50 cent rebate from Ibotta on Starkist Salmon packs (when you buy 2).  Not a huge savings, but again….when you save on something that’s already on your grocery list, it’s super exciting!  The salmon and tuna packs are a great source of protein, and are great mixed with a little cottage cheese and a boiled egg (and whatever else you enjoy in your tuna salad).  Plus, The Mostly Healthy Mommy posted a picture on her IG of her eating these packs on top of cucumber slices…yum!



It’s no secret that I absolutely LOVE Aldi, but here’s one more reason.  It’s officially fall, and that means it’s time for spaghetti squash and butternut squash!  Most stores sell these by the pound: HEB has squash .98 cents/pound….which is actually one of the lowest prices on squash I’ve seen at HEB.  You can get a 3 pound squash for $2.98…not bad.

However, Aldi sells these squashes by the unit.  So right now Aldi has squash on sale for $1.29……per unit.  Which means you can grab the biggest, baddest squash you can get your hands on (or the smallest…although, why?), and it’s still $1.29!  I got a 4 pounder today for $1.29.  Last year, I think Aldi’s lowest price on squash (spaghetti, butternut, and acorn) was .79 cents/unit.  Yes!  There will be lots of squash to be had in this house over the next few months.  Check out this post for my favorite [easy] way to prepare spaghetti squash.




So if you haven’t been to the grocery store yet this week (or even if you have), take advantage of the sweet deals Ibotta has!



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