Meal Planning

July 10th Meal Plan

After a busy last week filled with holidays, mechanics, plumbers, birthday parties, and traveling, I’m back with this week’s meal plan! In my very first blog post, I mentioned how about once a month I like to make a big pot of beans and use those in recipes throughout the week.  I don’t really have a… Read More July 10th Meal Plan

Meal Planning

June 26th Meal Plan

So, last week I didn’t post my weekly meal plan.  That’s because I didn’t have one…eek!  As a serious planner with a touch of OCD, that was kind of hard for me! Here’s what happened: My 18 month old was staying with my mom and dad for three days last week, and Chase and I… Read More June 26th Meal Plan

Meal Planning

June 12th Meal Plan + Grocery Lists + Strawberries Galore!

Well we are almost into the full on summer season!  If you live in Texas, that means absolutely nothing since we’ve been hovering around 95 degree temps for the past few months.  But, with summer comes strawberries!  And they’re on sale at HEB this week for 97 cents a pint!  Which clearly means I’ll be taking advantage and… Read More June 12th Meal Plan + Grocery Lists + Strawberries Galore!


Overnight Oats 5 Ways

Oatmeal is one of those super versatile foods that you should always have on hand!  It not only makes for a delicious breakfast, but can be used in baking, smoothies, or even a substitute for some ingredients.  In a previous post I briefly touched on how about half of our breakfasts consist of oatmeal, including… Read More Overnight Oats 5 Ways