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12 Days of Christmas for Your Husband

Y’all, Her Happy Home has been seriously neglected.  Between pregnancy, toddlerhood, and the holidays…it’s taken a total backseat!  But I am so excited to be posting about one of my favorite holiday traditions: 12 Days of Christmas for my awesome hubby!  No, I’m not talking about my least favorite Christmas song of all time (ugh, it’s like… Read More 12 Days of Christmas for Your Husband


Dear Harvey,

Dear Harvey, Your unwelcome and lingering visit has been anything but pleasant.  You’ve demolished coastal towns, flooded inland cities, and have displaced thousands of people.  You’ve dumped trillions (literally trillions) of water across the state of Texas, ripped families apart, shut down school districts, and have caused children to see and experience havoc that they… Read More Dear Harvey,