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The Top 5 Things to Buy at Dollar Tree

It’s no secret that I lurrrrrrve Dollar Tree.  Not only because everything is $1 (thank you DT for owning up to your name), but because some stuff is legit better at Dollar Tree than other stores.  While $1 is definitely cheap, it doesn’t always mean cheap quality.  Here are my top 5 things to buy at Dollar Tree….or at least the things that are always in my basket:

1. Card and Party Supplies

Dollar Tree has a pretty impressive selection of party gear, considering it’s all a dollar.  2 things that I will never buy anywhere else are greeting cards and gift bags.

Their cards are actually 2 for $1, and they’ve got a nice selection…..which makes it a total win!  Sorry Hallmark, but this lady doesn’t have time to be spending $5 on a greeting card.

Their gift bags are also SO cute!  Um, hello glitter!  They’re [again] only $1 a piece, and are way fancier than other store’s gift bags that are the same price.

I also love getting party paper goods here too.  While the prices on paper goods at Dollar Tree are comparable to other stores, I feel like Dollar Tree has a really good variety.  I love that they have square plates in addition to round ones…..which, come on, just looks fancy.  I also spotted these paper straws for only $1, which you can never seem to find in the Target Dollar bin when you reeeeeeally need them.

2. Cleaning Supplies

If you’re needing to do a complete scrub down of your house (especially after cold and flu season), Dollar Tree is where it’s at.

If you’re into making your own cleaners, these spray bottles are huge and are cheaper than anywhere else I’ve seen.

Annnnnnd scrub brushes galore…


Oh, and I always get my sponges here.  They aren’t anything fancy, but since I don’t particularly like using the same sponge for very long, they’re the best bang for your buck.  Also, my mom taught me this nifty little trick: cut your kitchen sponges in half before using them.  It still gets the job done, and now you have twice as many sponges!  This little pack of 6 just became 12!

This last one is a cleaner rather than a cleaning supply: The Works.  You guys.  This is the best toilet bowl cleaner out there.  I’m serious.  Don’t be deterred by the fact that it’s at Dollar Tree.  This stuff practically melts the dirt and grime from your toilet bowl, and while it may be available other places….I haven’t bothered to look.  Go get you some, and thank me later.  Don’t believe me?  Then see what these guys have to say.

3. Foil Baking Pans

If you’re buying your foil baking pans from your grocery store, stop.  Right now.  Not only does Dollar Tree have a massive selection (for, yes, a dollar) but some of them come in 2-3 packs.  Making them only 33-50 cents a piece!  I can say with confidence that it’s dang near impossible to find foil pans for that price at HEB or Kroger.  I’m not too sure how they compare to Walmart, but why mess with a good thing?

These pans are perfect for freezer meals, potlucks, taking meals to neighbors…..or just when you don’t want any clean up.  Go stock up!


4. Glass/Stemware

About a year ago, I was at a friend’s house and I was admiring her wine glasses.  They were big, solid, and had a little bit of weight to them.  That’s when she told me her secret: Dollar Tree.  Not only are they easy on the eyes, but if you break one, no big deal…’s just $1.  You better believe I beat it over to Dollar Tree and picked up 3 or 4 for myself.  These would be great if you’re entertaining a big crowd, and you don’t want to bust out your fancier, more expensive stemware.  I promise you, no one will ever know.  They would also be a cute addition to a bottle of wine you plan on gifting.

I also spotted some other cute glassware that would be perfectly suitable for drinking out of, but also for decorating or styling a shelf in your kitchen.  I thought these were adorable!


5. Mailing Supplies

Ok, I’ll admit….I have not price checked the costs of mailing supplies with other stores.  But I haven’t really felt the need to since I can get everything I need here.  They’ve got every size of mailing envelope that you’d ever need, as well as bubble wrap, packing tape, and more.  Plus, there are multiple mailing envelopes per package, (depending on the size you need) making them even less than $1.  Whoop!


6. Other

Here are some other things that have caught my eye, but I can’t really vouch for how the price/quality compares to those that are at other stores.

I’ve used these tissue paper balls to decorate for several parties.  While the price is right, the tissue paper is pretty thin….so you have to be careful when you’re “fluffing” them. These balls can get pretty pricey at other stores, so I usually just stick to the ones here and work with them carefully.

They have alot of different sized paint brushes, which I’m actually surprised I’ve never noticed before.  I use cheap brushes like these from Home Depot when I’m chalk painting….so I might have to give these a shot next time.

I also found this variety pack of sandpaper!  Again, I can’t vouch for the quality….but it’s worth a try on my next distressing project.


I feel like I discover new things every time I’m in Dollar Tree!  I’d love to hear what your favorite Dollar Tree (or other dollar store) must-haves are!


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