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20+ Dollar Store Valentines (with free printables)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  And if you’re a parent, then that probably means you’re tasked with the job of buying/making Valentine cards for all the kids in your child’s class.  Doing a little something “extra” to make your kid’s V-day cards stand out can be fun…but dang!  It can get expensive when you’re talking about 20+ kids in a class!

Here are over 20 ideas of cards you can make using items from the……(wait for it)….dollar store!  Not only are these cards super affordable, but most of them are as simple as printing a tag on cardstock and attaching your dollar store item with glue or tape.  Plus, it looks like you put in alot more effort than is required…making you look like Super Mom!  Click on the links below to access the free printables for these dollar store valentines!

Food/Candy Dollar Store Valentines

You can’t go wrong with adding some candy to your Valentine cards.  It’s pretty cheap to buy a bag of candy and attach a piece to each card.  Not only will your wallet thank you, but so will all the sugar induced comatose children out there.

1.Smartie Pants

(via Tip Junkie)

There are 2 versions to this card: a flat printable, or a more 3-D looking card.  Get the printable here!

2. You Make Me Burst!

(via The Celebration Shoppe)

A bag of Starbursts are cheap.  Plus, it’s a great way to get rid of the nasty yellow and orange ones after you sneak all the pink and red for yourself.  Oops.

Attach as many or as few as you’d like to this printable for an easy V-Day card.

3. You’re Awesomesauce!

(via Director Jewels)

I don’t know what it is about these little pouches that make kids go C-R-A-Z-Y…but if you wanna check “cool mom” off your list at your toddler’s next V-day party, go get a box of these bad boys and slap this cute tag on each one.

I also think these tags from View From the Fridge are too cute!

4. Hooked on You 

(via Frugal Coupon Living)

Kids love Goldfish.  The end.

5. You’re a Cutie!

(via It’s Always Autumn)

If you want to try to throw some nutrition in with the mounds of sugar, these tags are adorable!  Click on the picture to print them in 3 different colors.

6. You Rock!

(via A Small Snippet)

Is there a person kid out there that doesn’t love Pop Rocks?  I didn’t see these at the dollar store, but I’m pretty sure you can get a bag of these at your local grocery store for a reasonable price.  Tape on these tags for a fun and easy Valentine card.


Animal Dollar Store Valentines

You can find packages of small animals in the toy section at your dollar store.  Not only does it give the kids a break from all the candy, but it gives the kids something they can keep and play with too.

7. Party Animal

(via Positvely Splendid)

These speech bubble cards are just too cute!  Get the free printable here!

8. You’re Dino-mite

(via Eclectic Momsense)

Little boys across the class will be thanking you for these adorable cards.

9. Hoppy Valentine’s Day

(via Desert Chica)

I found a bag of 24 of these little frogs in the party section of Dollar Tree.  That makes each Valentine only 4 cents each!  Attach them to this card with some washi tape, and call it a day.


School Supply Dollar Store Valentines

For all the nerdy mammas out there (*ahem* me), give the kids something they can use in their classroom!

10. You’re as Sharp as Cupid’s Arrow

(via Jamonkey)

Kids LOVE these little pencil sharpeners!  And teachers loathe them…I speak from experience.  If you plan on making these cards for your kid’s class, make sure you get a little something special for their teacher.

11. Color Me Happy

(via The Pretty Bee)

These would be perfect for toddlers who maybe aren’t ready to handle a whole box of crayons yet.  Plus, does anything NOT look adorable with washi tape?  Get the free printable here!

12. I Think You’re Just Write

(via Bits of Everything)

If you realize that number 10 is real life, and you actually like your kid’s teachers.  Print the tags here.


Star Wars Dollar Store Valentines

Star Wars is really popular right now, so these Valentines will be a total hit with your kiddos!

13. Pixy Stix Star Wars

(via Darling Darleen)

One bag of Pixy Stix would be enough to make these cards for the entire class.  Get the printable here!

14. Yoda Best

(via Make It & Love It)

Ok, who doesn’t love a good pun?  These cards are made with bubble wands, but you could easily do pencils, Pixy Stix, or anything else your little heart desires.

15. Glow Stick Star Wars

(via A Few Shortcuts)

Another thing kids go crazy over?  Glow sticks!  You can pick up a couple of packages at the dollar store and be an instant hit with the kids.


Toy Dollar Store Valentines

Here are some other ideas that kids are sure to love!

16. I’m Stuck on You

(via I Watch Them Grow)

I spotted a bag of 18 of these little sticker boxes at Dollar Tree.  That makes each valentine only about 5 cents!  Attach to this card for a quick and easy card.

17. Army Man Valentine

(via Must Have Mom)

I’ll admit….this is my favorite one.  Probably because when I read it, I’m using a Mr. T voice (no idea why).  Get a bag of 35 of these at Dollar Tree and attach to this printable: making these less than 3 cents a piece!

18. You Make My Heart Spring

(via Thirty Handmade Days)

If your local dollar store doesn’t have holiday themed slinkies, grab a bag of non-holiday slinkies in the party section.  Click here for the printable.

19. Have an A’doh’able Valentine’s

(via Primary Punch)

Ok, these did not come from the dollar store.  But if you don’t mind spending a little extra on a bag of these mini Play-Dohs, the kids are sure to love you for it.  Cut out these little tags and tape to the lid for a quick and easy V-day card.

20. You Light Up My Life

(via Little Bins for Little Hands)

More glow sticks, more happy kiddos.  Find the printable here.

21. You A’maze’ Me

(via Frog Prince Paperie)

Check your dollar store’s holiday and party section for these little mazes, and attach to this cute printable.

22. Your Friendship Blows Me Away

(via The Maven)


If you want to go with a bubble V-Day card, but you aren’t really into Star Wars, here is another great option.


For more easy Valentine card ideas, check out my Pinterest board where I’ve pinned all the cards I couldn’t fit on this post.  What about you?  What is your favorite go-to Valentine card?  Let me know in the comments. 🙂

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