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5 Minute Back to School Gift for the Less Than Crafty Momma

Can you guys believe it is already almost the end of July?? I’ve been bombarded by “Back to School” signs and sales in every store I go into for weeks now, and as a former teacher I know the crazy mix of emotions that brings.  Excitement over decorating your classroom, sadness that summer is flying by too quickly, dread of what might await you in your classroom this year, or (if you have children) anticipation over the start of a new school year for your kiddos.

For parents I assume there is only one emotion…

Whoop…had to do it!

Although I’m not teaching anymore, I’m really excited about this back to school season because Lincoln will be starting Mother’s Day Out in August.  I am beyond thrilled!  It will be his first “school-like” setting, complete with little backpacks, lunch kits, and miniature cafeteria tables!  Eek!  I can’t handle the cuteness!  I’m really looking forward to him getting some more child interaction, since I’m pretty sure I’m his best friend…and I’m really only mildly entertaining.

Besides all the adorable back to school clothes and supplies, I’m really excited about being on the giving end of teacher gifts this year.  I know getting a little something for your children’s teachers can get expensive, especially if you have multiple children with multiple teachers.  That’s why I’m here to give you a few budget friendly options!

Last week I posted about these easy DIY back to school pineapple mason jars, but today I have something for the slightly less crafty momma.

“I’m ‘Tickled Pink’ That You’re My Teacher”

There are several versions of this floating around Pinterest, along with cute printable tags to attach to your gift.  Basically you choose your container, fill it with a bunch of pink stuff, and write a cute little “pun-ny” message.


  • Mason jar cups or other pink container. So although I had seen this idea on Pinterest, I didn’t actually know I was going to make it until I found these cups.  I found these pink Pioneer Woman mason jar cups marked down to $3 a piece at Wal-mart!  Score!  I had one in the basket for myself, but I made myself put it back.  Ugh!  They were so cute, I tried to think of what I could do with them, and that’s when I remembered the “tickled pink” gift idea I had pinned.  You definitely do not have to have these exact cups for this gift…anything will do.  A basket, mug, cup, bag….it doesn’t even have to be pink, but I think it’s cuter if it is.  Don’t break the bank buying something fancy…heck, even a pink basket from Dollar Tree would work.

  • Fillings aka Fun Stuff.  Anything pink will work.  I used pink gum, pink nail polish, pink grapefruit Chap Stick, tropical Emergen-C (for all those germs they’re going to get exposed to), and some pink Starbursts from the monster bag I bought for the pineapple jars.  I had a few other things that I had planned on putting in the cups, but I was kind of limited on space (which was probably a good thing).  Things like pink Sharpies, pink washi tape, pink Post-Its (any pink school supply really), pink Tic-Tacs, pink nail file…there are tons of possibilities. 
  • Tags.  You’ll need to print or write something along the lines of “I’m tickled pink you’re my teacher this year!”, otherwise your child’s teacher is going to wonder why you gave her a jar of pink stuff.  I used this super cute free printable and attached it with some tulle.

Directions (huh?)

Ok, I really just put that there for fun.  Because are directions really needed?

  1. Buy pink stuff.
  2. Put said pink stuff in a container.
  3. Print/write cheesy note.

See??  Totally easy, and you don’t even have to be a little bit crafty.  It’s one of those gifts that looks like it took a lot of effort, but secretly you did it in under 5 minutes.  I really enjoy doing stuff like this, so I was honestly a little sad that it was over so quickly.

PS: Sorry for the terrible lighting in the pictures.  We basically live in a dungeon during the summer, with every blind and curtain squeezed shut as tight as possible to try and beat the heat.  Maybe I’ll get to see daylight in my home when it cools off…in January.  Ho hum.

What are your go-to teacher gifts?  I’d love to hear in the comments!  Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!  I’ve talked to a few people who are making the pineapple mason jars, and I’d love for you to tag me in any gifts you make so I can see your spin on them. 🙂



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