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Back-to-School Pineapple Mason Jar Teacher Gifts

Pineapples are super popular right now, and although I don’t consider myself someone who follows every trend and fad, I’ve totally jumped on the pineapple train!

Of course I’ve always loved the sweet taste of pineapple, but I’ve only recently became more attracted to them in terms of decoration/home décor.

It started back in January of this year when I was lucky enough to be involved in a 6 week program through our church called Apples of Gold.  11 of us younger women would get together every Wednesday and be mentored by the older ladies in our church about how to be Godly wives and mothers.  It was the greatest thing I’ve been a part of, and I learned and was able to apply so much to my life!  One of the topics we were mentored on was hospitality.  It was there that I learned that the pineapple has been a universal sign of hospitality dating all the way back to the days of Christopher Columbus!  When visitors joined families for dinner in the early Colonial days, the families would set out a pineapple as the centerpiece on their dinner table to symbolize the utmost in welcome and hospitality to the visitor.  A simple pineapple…a symbol of “the utmost in welcome and hospitality”.  Something about that is so neat to me!  Therfore, I am now a pineapple fan.

Pineapple Mason Jars

I’m all about crafts on a budget, so I was so excited when I stumbled upon Yesterday on Tuesday’s post via Pinterest on how to make these adorable pineapple jars!  Lincoln and I will both be starting back at BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) this fall, and I knew these would make the perfect gifts for his Children’s Leaders.


First off, gather your supplies.

1.Jars: I am a hoarder of jars.  Any food from the grocery store that comes in a jar, I save it.  I use them for food storage, overnight oats, and even crafty things.  For this project, I had two salsa jars that I sprayed down with Goo-Gone to get the labels off.

2. Vinyl or (maybe) tape: If you want a little window on your jar to see what’s inside, you’ll need to cut something in the shape of an oval to stick on your jar while you spray paint.  I have vinyl at home, so that’s what I used, but I know not everyone has that lying around.  I’m not sure how tape would work…I don’t think it would be big enough.  Even if you had a medium sized window cling, you could cut an oval out of that and stick it on your jar.

3. Yellow spray paint

4. Succulent picks: I’ve seen these at Hobby Lobby as well.  I just happened to be in Walmart and was lucky enough to find these so I didn’t have to make another trip.  I paid $3 a piece for these.  Hobby Lobby definitely has a bigger selection, and you might be able to get them at a lower price if they are having a sale in their floral department.

5. Black marker or paint pen: The original blog I read used a black paint pen.  I used a black Sharpie, and it worked fine.  It started running out of ink halfway through, so I switched to a dry erase marker…also fine.

6. Candy: You can use any candy, but I chose Starbursts because I needed some pink Starbursts for another project I’m working on.  It’s safe to say I bought way too many, and I still have about 1/3 of the bag left.

This is a little upsetting since I know I’m going to be munching on these leftovers for the next month!



1.Take your oval shaped vinyl and stick it to the jars.

2. Spray paint the jars yellow.

3. Once the spray paint is dry, peel the vinyl off carefully.  Now you have a little candy window!

4. Take your marker and make little “v”s all over your jar.

5. Fill your jars with candy, and fit the succulent pick right down the center.

And that’s it!  It was seriously so easy, and aside from letting the spray paint dry, took me less than 5 minutes to do both.

I paid $6 for the succulents, and $6 for the Starburst….but I easily could paid less for the candy since I have so much left over.  So let’s just say, you could make each of these for less than $5 a piece!  You can’t hardy buy a store bought gift for that price!

Do you do any back to school gifts for your kiddo’s teachers?  What are your favorite?  I’m always looking for new ideas!


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Amanda these are just darling. You are just so great at this kind of stuff.