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December 4th Meal Plan: Casseroles and Soups!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted our weekly meal plan.  But it’s 6:30 in the morning….I just finished up with my online teaching side gig, and everyone is still sleeping.  So I’m going to squeeze in what I can while I have a little bit of time!

This week’s meal plan is going to consist of mostly new recipes that I haven’t tried…but look delicious.  I’ve been in somewhat of a meal rut lately, and I really want to experiment with some new dishes.  Sunday night I took about 30 minutes to plan our meals and grocery list for the week, so that leaves me stress free when it comes to meals.  If you haven’t checked out how I meal plan on a budget, head over here for the basics.

This Week’s Meal Plan: Casseroles and Soups!

Monday: Mexican Tortilla Casserole

I think I’m part of the <1% of Texans that doesn’t go crazy over Mexican food.  I mean, I like it (in moderation)….but it’s definitely not my go-to cuisine.  I chose this recipe for one specific purpose:

I have a monster package of corn tortillas that I need to use.  I mean, why did I buy a pack of 52 corn tortillas last week when we were only having fish tacos for 1 night?  Because it was the “better deal”, and I’m cheap.  So here I am, 1 week later with 48 corn tortillas (when I honestly prefer flour).

*Also, I plan on modifying this recipe just slightly by adding a pound of ground beef (actually, ground venison if you want to get technical), but I think it would also be yummy with ground turkey or shredded chicken.

Tuesday: Chicken Mushroom Marsala Pasta Casserole

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a casserole kind of gal.  With a two year old running around, it’s SO much easier to prep everything in a casserole dish during nap time (or even the night before), and refrigerate it until you’re ready to throw it in the oven for dinner.  That’s also why I lurrrrrrrve crockpot meals.  I have a hard time getting on board with any meal I have to stand over the stove for and watch cook while following a million steps.

I chose this meal because mushrooms are on sale at Aldi this week (.69 cents per 8 oz. package), and because I love anything with pasta.  If you are going to buy mushrooms, just make sure you plan a meal with them early on in the week….and don’t plan a mushroom meal for Friday or Saturday.  Otherwise you’ll have mushrooms that have gone bad.  Not that I know from experience….

*Also, one adjustment I’ll make is using Barilla ProteinPLUS Pasta.  It has about 10g of protein per 2oz (about 1/4 cup), versus about 4g protein in regular pasta.  It’s a little more expensive, but worth it in my opinion.

Wednesday: Leftovers

We’ll actually be at a Christmas party Wednesday night (where we will eat dinner).  But if we were home, we’d just munch on some leftovers from Monday or Tuesday.

Thursday: Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup (in the Crockpot)

Hallelujah, Texas is getting some cold weather!  I’m actually pretty proud of myself for checking the weather forecast before planning this week’s meals.  I’m kind of notorious for making certain foods at the most inappropriate times.  Like making soups or chili when it’s 100 degrees outside…..ooooor asking my husband to grill kabobs outside in the middle of a snow storm.  {Ok, it’s Texas…so no snow storm.  But temperatures at least below 60 degrees!}  Anyway, it drives my husband crazy….so I actually checked to see that it was going to be cold on Thursday before planning to make soup.  Go me!

I have made this soup before (although this is the first time making it in the Crockpot, because……well, see “Monday” ^^^^).  It is so yummy and flavorful, and the perfect soup for a little cold weather.

*This would also be an ideal soup to make if you have some homemade chicken broth on hand.  With all the germs floating around, it would be a great immune boost!

Friday: Leftovers

Our schedule is kind of up in the air about Friday, so instead of planning for a meal that we may not even be here for, I’ll just plan on leftover soup.  Not complaining.

Saturday: No meal planned

We won’t be home for dinner Saturday night, so insert your favorite go-to dish here!

Sunday: Beefy Tomato Soup

Yes, soup again.  But I *think* it will still be weather appropriate, and well…Texas doesn’t see many “soup weather” days, so I have to take advantage.

*The only adjustment I’ll make is using a 28oz can of crushed tomatoes instead of the jar of pasta sauce.  Not only is it more cost effective, but you have more control over the seasonings/flavor of the sauce.

*Also, I’ll use Barilla ProteinPLUS pasta.

If you’re curious about breakfast, lunch, and snacks….we keep it pretty simple.  This post lays it all out.

Do y’all have a favorite go-to soup or easy meal?  I’d love to hear in the comments!


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