Friday Faves

Friday Faves-Nerd Edition

If you’re an avid reader on Her Happy Home, then it’s probably become pretty clear that I’m a total organization nerd.  Meal planning, toy organization, and making teacher gifts a month before school starts are just the tip of the iceberg. I guess that can be seen as an annoying quality, but that’s just the way I… Read More Friday Faves-Nerd Edition

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Back-to-School Pineapple Mason Jar Teacher Gifts

Pineapples are super popular right now, and although I don’t consider myself someone who follows every trend and fad, I’ve totally jumped on the pineapple train! Of course I’ve always loved the sweet taste of pineapple, but I’ve only recently became more attracted to them in terms of decoration/home décor. It started back in January of… Read More Back-to-School Pineapple Mason Jar Teacher Gifts

Meal Planning

June 26th Meal Plan

So, last week I didn’t post my weekly meal plan.  That’s because I didn’t have one…eek!  As a serious planner with a touch of OCD, that was kind of hard for me! Here’s what happened: My 18 month old was staying with my mom and dad for three days last week, and Chase and I… Read More June 26th Meal Plan